Recipes in a Nutshell

The Nut Cookbook

Members of the Eastern Chapter Society of Ontario Nut Growers (ECSONG) compiled this book of recipes for edible nuts found growing in the eastern Ontario and western Quebec region. We now present you with this cookbook, thus hopefully extending to you our interest in, and satisfaction on, raising nut bearing trees and shrubs locally. As you will discover while using this book, their fruit provides the ingredients for many flavourful and nutritional recipes.

Many thanks to the members of the original Nut Cookbook team who gave of their time to prepare this cookbook -- Jean Giblin, Louise Watt and Don Stalker. Special thanks to Alec Jones for the nut tree lore at the beginning of each chapter and to Hank Jones for creatively compiling and computing all the recipes. And my most heartfelt thanks to all the SONG members and their friends who contributed their favourite nut recipes to fill this little book to overflowing.

Polly Forrestall-Jones, Editor. 1986.

The original book is here extended with recipes published in the Nuttery in subsequent years. One recipe that called for alum (aluminum sulphate) has been removed since it is no longer recommended for food items.

Provided by ECSONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.