ECSONG: Our Biggest Trees

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ECSONG: Our Biggest Trees

Everyone loves the biggest and the best. Here are photos of some of the exceptional trees of the ECSONG area.

This was the largest butternut tree in the world! It was on the grounds of the Royal Ottawa Golf Club in Hull. Its trunk was 2.1 m DBH; it's 25.8 m high, crown spread 28.4 m in 2002. It was destroyed by the golf course on 23 July 2010.

This oak (Quercus X bebbiana, a natural hybrid of Q.alba and Q.macrocarpa) is in the National Arboretum. It's trunk is 1.6 m DBH; it's branches are currently 32 m diameter (some were trimmed a few years ago to make grass mowing easier) and 18 m high.

This two-stemmed black walnut, 20 m high, is at 8 McGillivray St. in Ottawa. It covers the entire street with fruit when it bears.

Moe Anderson with one of the white oaks east of Morton that were the seed source for the Dolman Ridge plantations. It's main trunk is 1.2 m DBH; it's about 20 m tall.

This bur oak is on Ottawa's Eastern Parkway at the Birch Avenue exit. It's 27 m high; DBH 1.1 m.

This gingko tree was planted on the Central Experimental Farm in 1896. It is now 53 cm DBH and 23 m tall.

For comparison, here are the biggest nut trees in Ontario, as reported to the Ontario Forestry Association as of 1993.

Species & LocationDBH mheight m
Beech Elgin Co. .9228.4
Copper Beech Grimsby1.5725.9
European Beech Hamilton1.3120.7
Fern-leaved Beech Toronto1.3319
Ohio Buckeye Niagara-on-the-Lake  .8914
American Chestnut Brant Co. .6426
Shellbark Hickory Chatham .5423.3
Shagbark Hickory St. Williams .9532
Black Oak Kingsville1.724.1
Bur Oak Burford2.1229.3
Chinquapin Oak Fanshawe1.4422.6
Hill's Oak N.Dumfries .8219.5
Pin Oak Windsor1.3827.5
Red Oak Harwich1.9431.1
Shumard Oak Maidstone .9420
Swamp White Oak Deleware1.5524
White Oak Otonabee1.9127.1
Black Walnut Georgetown1.7527.4
Carpathian Walnut Woodstock .7116.8
Wingnut Vineland1.9321
Butternut Niagara1.1624.5
Ginkgo Chatham1.0724.4

Provided by ECSONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.