ECSONG Inventree

The ECSONG Nut Groves each contain many nut trees. The following are some of the other nut trees in eastern Ontario that have been reported to ECSONG. Many were visited during ECSONG Nutters' Bus Tours in 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2001. We invite submissions of new sites, or confirmation of old ones.

N lat/W longlocation (click for map)description (click for photo)2002 crop
seed source-sized locations:
45°23' 75°49'Aylmer (Québec) 70 old shagbark hickorysmall
45°23' 75°44'Island Park Drive, Ottawa10 large, 40 smaller black walnutmost good north end, small south
45°23' 75°39'Pleasant Park Woods, Ottawa500 beech (most small), 140 butternut, 50 red oak, 30 bitternut hickory (1996 survey)
45°25' 75°44'Lemieux Island, Ottawa60 black walnut5 good
44°33' 76°11'rocky ridge east of Morton20 large white oak, many smaller
Howe ferry, east of Gananoquered oak
Larue Mills (near Cornwall)very old black walnuts, shagbark hickory
Glengarry Park, east of Lancasterbutternut, English & bur oak, bitternut hickory
Foley Mountain Conservation Areashagbark & bitternut hickory, red & bur oak
Pansy Patch Park, Pembroke50 butternut, black walnut, bitternut hickory, hackberry, red oak
Lorne Park, Newboro
Charleston Lake County Park
small groups or individual trees in Ottawa:
45°24' 75°41'8 McGillivray St.large black walnutsmall
45°27' 75°40'north side of Mackay Lake, Rockcliffe Park7 black walnutnone
45°24' 75°44'Caroline at Spencer10 black walnut2 good
45°24' 75°44'laneway between Caroline & Harmer2 black walnutnone
45°24' 75°44'Byron east of Harmerseveral black walnutsnone
45°24' 75°44'7 Julianblack walnut (back yard)
45°24' 75°40'235 Mountbattenblack walnutnone
45°24' 75°40'331 Mountbatten3 black walnutall good
45°24' 75°40'322 Pleasant Parkblack walnut (back yard)
45°24' 75°40'369 Pleasant Parkblack walnutsmall
45°24' 75°41'22 Broadwayblack walnut (back yard)small
45°24' 75°41'59 Broadwayblack walnut (back yard)none
45°25' 75°42'491 Somerset2 black walnut2 small
45°25' 75°42'148 Percy2 black walnutnone
45°27' 75°36'2382 Ogilvie Rd2 black walnutgood
45°21' 75°42'Riverside Driverow of 10 black walnut
45°21' 75°42'Riverside Drive6 large butternut2 good
45°25' 75°41'Queen Elizabeth Driveway near Somerset2 female 1 male gingko
45°23' 75°43'Driveway and Birch (Central Experimental Farm)large male gingko
45°28' 75°40'Rockcliffe Parkway at Birchlarge bur oak
45°23' 75°42'Vincent Massey Park, Ottawabutternut, beech, bur oak, beaked hazel
45°25' 75°41'169 Gilmour9 Turkish hazelgood
45°24' 75°44'36 Julianhorsechestnutgood
45°26' 75°37'1369 Matheson oak (back yard), one Lavant shagbark hickory, one white oak (front yard)
3766 TransCanada Highwaylarge white oak
small groups or individual trees outside Ottawa:
45°01' 75°38'Kemptville College, Kemptvillegingko, butternut, bur oak, horsechestnut
422 Little Rideau Lake Road, Westport3 shagbark hickory, one 34 cm DBH
45°25' 75°45' la Montagne Sud, Hull (Québec)33" DBH bur oak on south side of the stream
45°25' 75°46'Royal Ottawa Golf Course, Hull (Québec) the world record butternut, 2 other large butternuts, a large black walnut
45°29' 75°49'Notch Rd just south of Mine Rd, Gatineau Park (Québec) butternut, bitternut hickory

The following have not been verified since the original reports in the early 1980's. Updates are welcome.

N lat/W longlocationdescription
seed source-sized locations:
45°29' 75°50'Kingsmere (Québec)large stand of red oak, beech, hop-hornbeam
Main St., Chesterville37 black walnut lining street, planted mid 1950's
small groups or individual trees in Ottawa:
Preston at Somersetseveral gingkos
45°19' 75°46'7 Newark Ave.horsechestnut
45°22' 75°48'Britannia water treatment plant horsechestnut, red oak, butternut, black walnut, gingko
45°28' 75°35'Green's Creekbur oak, bitternut hickory
45°22' 75°52'Crystal Bayscattered stand of old bur oak
22 Gouldlarge gingko
end of Julian2 bitternut hickory
mobile home park just south of Rideau Rd on Bank Streetmany black walnuts, 2 butternuts
30 Huronblack walnut
51 Huronblack walnut
Huron between Scott & Wellingtonline of oaks
Riverside Dr. just west of Bankbutternuts
Perley Home, Aylmer St. west of Bankbeech, horsechestnut
328 1st Avehorsechestnut
Glebe High Schoolhorsechestnut
Hopewell Schoollarge oak, butternuts
Hogs Back Park2 butternut
island at Billings Bridge6 butternuts
621 Blair Rdlarge butternut
west end Ottawa River Parkwayblack walnut
1986 Prince of Wales walnut
Carling Ave. between Fairmont & Irvingblack walnut
Riverdale & Cameronblack walnut
Princeton & Highland walnut
Patricia & Pontiac walnut
small groups or individual trees outside Ottawa:
45°13' 75°38'Dozois (Limebank) Rd. 1 mile south of Manoticknatural stand of blue beech
45°15' 75°55'25 Bradley St., Stittsvillebitternut hickory
45°27' 76°06'Woodlawnblack walnut
45°10' 76°34'Highway 511, Whitebutternut, bitternut, red oak
Wendover & Rideau Riveroaks
Grant's Point, L'Orignaloak, hickory, butternut, black walnut
118 Clothier, Kemptvillehorsechestnut
Huntley 7th linebeech, white oak, bitternut hickory
295 McVeety Island, Big Rideau Lakelarge beech, bitternut hickory
Scotch Line, lot 7 conc.1 Woolfordblue beech, butternut
1 km S of Kenmore lot 31 conc.10heartnut
12 Kelly Marie Dr., Manotick2 Carpathian walnut
lot 7 conc.2 Montague Twp Lanarkbitternut hickory, butternut
downstream of locks, Merrickville2 northern pecan
lot 21 conc.10 Twp.N.Burgess, Lanarkred oak, swamp-white oak
Carp Ridge new road between 3rd.conc & Woodlawnred oak
lot 6 conc.7 Twp.Montague, Lanarkwhite oak
RR4 Pictonshagbark hickory
lot 17-18 conc.3 Twp.Augusta, Grenville6 butternut
Century Rd. & Hwy.31 near Carsonbybutternut
lot 28 conc.10 Osgoodebutternut
road to Clayton Lake from Middleville2 miles of butternut trees
Mill of Kintail, Twp.Ramsaybutternut
Royal Canadian Legion, Main St., Picton4 black walnuts
450 Fred St., Winchester5 black walnut
1 km W of Ferguson's Fallsblack walnut
Oxford Mills Rd & Somerville Rd., Oxford on Rideaublack walnut
223 Jack St., Kemptvilleblack walnuts
218 Joseph St., Kemptvilleblack walnuts, shagbark hickory, northern pecans
RVCA office, Mill St., Manotick2 black walnut
29 Murray St., Richmondblack walnut

We welcome new submissions of nut trees within the ECSONG area, and updates on any already listed. The information we need is:

  1. your name, address, telephone number and/or email address,
  2. the species, description of size (DBH, height, branch spread if possible), and how many there are at the site,
  3. a clear description as to location (GPS coordinates as above are a great time saver),
  4. whether the tree(s) can be observed from public property or not; if not contact information for the person who can authorize access, and
  5. any special feature of the tree(s), especially the quantity of nuts produced.

Send the information by email or surface mail to SONG.

Provided by SONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.