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Species List

The species treated in A Nut Growers Manual are considered to be those most likely to succeed in the ECSONG area. The asterisked species were recommended for the Baxter Nut Grove byRhodes; planting of them is likely to succeed. The remaining species should be regarded as experimental in this area. 'A' denotes species growing at the Dominion Arboretum;'E' species only known to be growing elsewhere within the ECSONG area.

species common name notes
A     Aesculus arnoldiana Sarg.
A A. flava Ait. Sweet Buckeye
A* A. glabra Willd. Ohio Buckeye
A* A. hippocastanum L. Horse Chestnut
A A. hybrida Dc. Hybrid Horsechestnut
A A. parviflora Walt. Bottlebrush Buckeye
A A. sylvatica Bartr. Painted Buckeye
A A. woerlitzensis Koehne
A A. X carnea Hayne Red Horsechestnut
A* Carpinus caroliniana Walt. American Hornbeam
A C. coreana Nakai Korean Hornbeam
A C. laxiflora (S.&Z.) Bl. Hornbeam
A* Carya cordiformis (Wangl.) K.Koch Bitternut Hickory
A* C. glabra (Mill.) Sweet Pignut
A* C. illinoisensis (Wangl.) K.Koch Northern Pecan
A* C. laciniosa (Michx. F.) G. Don Shellbark Hickory
E C. ovalis (Wang.) Sarg. Red Hickory
A* C. ovata (Mill.) K.Koch Shagbark Hickory see the Growers Manual
E C. sinensis Chinese Hickory
E C. tomentosa Nutt. Mockernut
E Castanea crenata Sieb.&Zucc. Japanese Chestnut
E C. dentata (Marsh.) Borkh. American Chestnut subject to a blight
E* C. mollisima Bl. Chinese Chestnut
E C. sativa Mill. European Chestnut
A Celtis australis L.
A C. glabrata Stev. ex Planch Smooth Hackberry
A C. laevigata Willd. Sugar Hackberry
A* C. occidentalis L. Common Hackberry
A C. reticulata Torr. Netleaf Hackberry
A C. sinensis Pers. Chinese Hackberry
A C. spinosa Spr. Spiny Hackberry
A C. tournefortii Lam. Oriental Hackberry
A* Corylus americana Walt. American Hazel see the Growers Manual
A* C. avellana L. European Hazel see the Growers Manual
E C. chinensis Chinese Hazel
A* C. colurna L. Turkish Hazel
A C. cornuta Marsh. Beaked Hazel
E C. ferox Himalayan Hazel
A C. heterophylla Fisch.&Trautv. Siberian Hazel
A C. rostrata Ait.
A C. seiboldiana Blume Japanese Hazel
E C. tibetia Tibetan Hazel
A Fagus crenata Bl. Japanese Beech
A* F. grandifolia Ehrh. American Beech see the Growers Manual
A* F. sylvatica L. European Beech
A* Gingko biloba L. Maidenhair Tree see the Growers Manual
E Juglans ailantifolia Carriere Japanese Walnut see the Growers Manual
A* J. cathayensis Dode. Chinese Walnut
A J. cinerea L. Butternut subject to a blight
A* J. cordiformis Maxim. Heartnut
A* J. mandschurica Maxim. Manchurian Walnut
A* J. microcarpa Berl. Little Walnut
A* J. nigra L. Black Walnut see the Growers Manual
A* J. regia L. Persian Walnut
A J. ruthven Ruthven Walnut
A J. stenocarpa Maxim. Manchurian Walnut
A J. X intermedia Carr. Vilmorins Walnut
A* Pinus cembra L. Stone Pine
A* P. koraiensis S.&Z. Korean Nut Pine see the Growers Manual
A P. peuce Griseb. Balkan Pine
E Prunus amygdalis Almond
A P. armeniaca Maxim. Sweet Kernel Apricot
E Pterocarya fraxinifolia Caucasian Walnut
A P. rhoifolia S.&Z. Japanese Wingnut
A* Quercus alba L. White Oak see the Growers Manual
A Q. aliena Bl. Oriental White Oak
A Q. X bebbiana Schneid. Bebbs Oak
A* Q. bicolor Willd. Swamp White Oak
A Q. coccinea Muench. Scarlet Oak
A Q. dentata Thunb. Daimyo Oak
A Q. ellipsoidalis E.J.Hill Northern Pin Oak
A Q. gambelii Nutt. Shin Oak
A Q. garryana Dougl. Ex Hook. Garry Oak
E Q. illicifolia Wangenh. Bear Oak
A Q. imbricaria Michx. Shingle Oak
A Q. lyrata Walt. Overcup Oak
A* Q. macrocarpa Michx. Bur Oak see the Growers Manual
A Q. mongolica Fisch. Mongolian Oak
A Q. montana Willd.
A* Q. muehlenburghii Engelm. Chinquapin Oak
A* Q. palustris Muench. Pin Oak
A Q. petraea (Matt.) Liebl. SessileOak
A* Q. prinus L. Chestnut Oak
A* Q. robor L. English Oak
A Q. rosacea (Mattuschka) Leiblein. Upright Sessile Oak
A* Q. rubra L. Red Oak
A Q. schuettei Trel. Schuettes Oak
A Q. velutina Lam. Black Oak

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